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GotaDental LLC

Scale With Comfort 

and Control

With an ultrasonic scaler at your fingertips, removing plaque and tartar is now easier.

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Dentsply Cavitron

Provide overall oral cleanliness to your patients. GotaDental LLC houses a wide selection of state-of-the-art Dentsply Cavitron products to help you take care of your client’s teeth and gums. Get in touch with us in Cabot, Arkansas to order your scaling instrument today! All Dentsply cavitrons have had the lines completely replaced as well as each valve has been rebuilt. These machines are perfect like new condition. Each unit is fully refurbished with a 90 day warranty.

Dentsply Cavitron Gen-132 

Dentsply Cavitron Gen-132 

Dentsply Cavitron Gen-131 

Dentsply Cavitron Gen-131 

Dentsply Cavitron Gen-137

Dentsply Cavitron Gen-137 OUT OF STOCK

Dentsply Cavitron Gen-122

Dentsply Cavitron Gen-122

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