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GotaDental LLC

Make Accurate Analysis With a ScanX iLE.

Interpreting dental images is easy with Air Techniques ScanX. We have ScanX iLE, ScanX Classic, and ScanX IO in stock.

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Air Techniques Scan-X

Read intraoral and extraoral images with Air Techniques ScanX, Scan-X iLE, Scan-X IO, or a Scan-X Classic. GotaDental LLC in Cabot, Arkansas houses this handy phosphor plate system to help you with all your digital imaging needs. Each A/T Scan-X is fully inspected and calibrated per Air Techniques. We then take phosphor plate images for reference on each slot for clarity. Each Air Techniques ScanX comes with a 1 year warranty. If a problem arises contact us for a loaner to be sent to your practice. Only pay for shipping, labor and parts are covered under your warranty. Power supply and USB cord is included. Drivers available through my driver page. This makes a good replacement for a unit that is not producing the quality images when first purchase. I do offer trade in if you have a built in eraser(ScanX iLE).

Air Techniques Scan-X ILE

Air Techniques Scan-X ILE

Air Techniques Scan-X IO

Air Techniques Scan-X IO

Air Techniques Scan-X with external eraser

Air Techniques Scan-X with external eraser

Take a Look at AFP Dent-X