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Giving You an Affordable Option With Complete Free Tech Support to Diagnose Any Issue You Are Experiencing With Your Units

Better Solutions for Your Dental Practice Issues

Hello! I am Wade Myers, the owner of GotaDental LLC in Cabot, Arkansas. My company offers high-quality solutions to issues involving dental equipment. I cover everything from installation to minor repairs to major overhauls.

I also carry a wide variety of film processor equipment. In diagnosing different problems, I can make adjustments and recommend the correct parts for you to order. Additionally, I have parts in stock for repairs that come with a 90-day warranty's up to 1 year. For most parts, I ship through FedEX ground, but I can send express if needed.

Lastly, I accept trade-ins on some equipment as well as old units. I have refurbished and new units including the AT2000XR, Peri-Pro, and Dent-X. Browse through my site to learn more about how I can help you. Get in touch with me today!

I do carry a full line of new, used and refurbished equipment that can be dropped shipped to your office.

Check with me today to see what specials we have to offer. Could be year end air compressors, dry vacuum systems, to a complete operatory.

If interested in new or used digital equipment from 3-D, delivery units, chairs, lab equipment, 

to cabinet specials.

Mission Statement

My goal is to offer dentists around the world a better alternative to solving functionality issues regarding their dental film processors, as well as other equipment needs. I want to give you an affordable option versus going digital. Why create a learning curve to learn a new piece of equipment, when you can just continue using what has worked for you for years, film. Continue to be able to touch your images.

About Me

I am a trained electronics technician, with a background in aviation electrician. I was in dental sales, as well as technical service and installations, before creating my own company.

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