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Giving You an Affordable Option With Complete Free Tech Support to Diagnose Any Issue You Are Experiencing With Your Units

Better Solutions for Your Dental Film Processor Issues

Hello! I am Wade Myers, the owner of GotaDental LLC in Cabot, Arkansas. My company offers high-quality solutions to issues involving dental film processors. I cover everything from installation to minor repairs to major overhauls.

I also carry a wide variety of film processor equipment. In diagnosing different problems, I can make adjustments and recommend the correct parts for you to order. Additionally, I have parts in stock for repairs that come with a 90-day warranty. For most parts, I ship through FedEX ground, but I can send express if needed.

Lastly, I accept trade-ins on some equipment as well as old units. I have refurbished and new units including the AT2000XR, Peri-Pro, and Dent-X. Browse through my site to learn more about how I can help you. Get in touch with me today!

Mission Statement

My goal is to offer dentists around the world a better alternative to solving functionality issues regarding their dental film processors. I want to give you an affordable option versus going digital. Why create a learning curve to learn a new piece of equipment, when you can just continue using what has worked for you for years, film. Continue to be able to touch your images.

About Me

I am a trained electronics technician, with a background in aviation electrician. I was in dental sales, as well as technical service and installations.

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